Here’s one I use a lot: a migraine tracker I made for my A5 planner.

This is something that runs in the family, throughout several branches for at least 3 generations, and I’ve been trying to get a handle on mine for a while now. Sometimes that means just trying to figure out what triggers them and how long they last, they’re not necessarily avoidable (hello, neurologist!). So I thought I’d make this available for any fellow sufferers who need to keep track of theirs, too

 MigraineTrackerMigraine Tracker – A5


I LOVE Brain Dumps!! I have a Traveler’s Notebook I do them in, but I love them so much I made print outs for my A5 Filofax for them so I could do them in there when I wasn’t carrying my Traveler’s Notebook. I thought I’d throw them in here because although I call them Brain Dumps, really, you could use them for any sort of lists you want to use them for.

To do, grocery shopping, craft shopping, wish lists, scrapbooking ideas, the lists go on and on!

Brain Dump Short Checklist

Brain Dump – Short Checklist – A5

Brain Dump Long ChecklistBrain Dump – Long Checklist – A5

DSC_0053I have been very busy at work, but sometimes I need a bit of journaling time to unwind.
That means I am doing it during my lunchtime when I sit in my car, so I made myself a cute little journaling kit for my car!
My sister bought me a darling little box for Christmas and I used it to hold my supplies and I keep it in my middle console.

DSC_0056There are three things I had to have in my kit:
* Tape (I threw in double sided sticky tape because some one gave it to me for free, so why not?)
* A pair of scissors
* My favorite mini tube of Elmer’s Glue (I figured if it’s going to be in the car, it better be liquid already! The heat would melt a solid glue stick, and it needs a screw on lid so it doesn’t leak)
* I carry a journal and pens in my purse so I don’t store those in my car


DSC_0054Here is my full kit I put in my car. Besides my basics, I threw in some extras:
* Some mini pens (just in case I can’t find one in my purse)
* Washi tape
* A couple of Project Life cards
* A little Rolodex card

Do you keep any journaling supplies anywhere unconventional?


One of the ways I’ve been trying to get my spending under control (aka saving my money to put it towards debt) is to think before I buy. Sometimes that involves putting something on a wishlist so I don’t buy it–sometimes once you think on it, you just don’t need it. And other times, you just need to find it elsewhere cheaper.

Here’s a quick, easy wishlist I put together to help me get my wishlisting under control. Sometimes I go crazy by putting a lot of stuff going on it (sometimes fun things like Pop! Funko figurines come out in groups, so that list grows fast!), and sometimes I go a long time without adding anything to it. But having somewhere to put it sometimes just helps with the urge to shop. I hope it helps you, too, if you need it.

 Wishlist FullWishlist – Full Size

More Earrings I am on a roll with these earrings! I can’t help myself. I made myself a couple of pairs, which I’ve been wearing all the time. I love how light they are, and so dainty! I still want to create more as gifts–I have a friend moving and I’m determined to make her a couple of pairs with sand from a couple of beaches in the area, but I am still working out how to do that in my head.
More Earrings Here is a comparison with a quarter so you can see how truly dainty they are! It makes them so lightweight and easy to wear.



Letter writing month (February) is past, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t challenge yourself to write some letters! I made both a full page spread and an A5 spread with places to note the start date, end date, make notes, as well as to label each letter sent–either with the sent date or who you sent the letter to.

Challenge yourself to send them consecutively, or just challenge yourself to send them throughout the course of a year. Make the challenge your own. Either way, just have fun!


Letter Challenge FullLetter Challenge – Full

Letter Challenge A5Letter Challenge – A5

DSC_0589I was in need of a simple pill holder for work: something for my desk drawer with easily identifiable compartments to hold various pills–for headaches, nausea, etc. I wanted it to be cheap, fast and easy. It’s not meant to be carried in my purse and doesn’t really need to take much of a beating, so a cheaper pill holder/compartment would work just fine–I didn’t need anything fancy from Walgreens or CVS. So I used some supplies already on hand (scrapbook paper and Glossy Accents) and a pill holder from The Dollar Tree.

DSC_0591I got lucky with the pill holder I picked out–there was a bit of a lip inside and made a great place to label each compartment. This way, the outside of the box was plastic and protected.

DSC_0590I started out by taking an index card and cutting a template to fit the inside of the lid of the pill holder. Once it snuggly fit, I tapped the lid until it fell out and used it as a template to cut my chosen scrapbook paper. (In this case, I used Gorjuss girl paper.) I cut out a piece of scrapbook paper for each compartment.

DSC_0593In keeping with the quick and simple theme, I used a ballpoint pen (I did a smear test with Glossy Accent) and just wrote the medication going in the compartment–nothing fancy! I labeled each compartment, but you could just decorate each lid with scrapbook paper, without the labels if you wanted.

DSC_0594After labeling each compartment, I made sure they were facing the right way. I put some Glossy Accents in the inside of the lid, laid the paper inside (being careful to avoid causing any air bubbles that would show once the lid was closed), then sealed the entire back in more Glossy Accents.

DSC_0597 Now remember, this pill case is from a Dollar Store so it’s not the highest quality OR the most stable. So I jerry-rigged it with some washi tape!

DSC_0601 Here’s a better view of how much tape I used to make sure it stayed while it dried. I own way too much washi tape–I wasn’t worried about wasting it. I was more worried about the tape coming undone in the middle of the night. I did this project right before bed so it could set during the night.

PillsHere’s how it came out! You can see how great the top looks because we did all our magic on the inside.

Pills Travel tip: Since this box is from the Dollar Tree, it’s not really equipped to travel in your book bag or overnight case. The lids easily pop open. Since I made the case for my desk at work, I just needed to get it safely from home to work without the pills popping out. I put a couple of strips of washi on them, which easily peeled off when I got work and tucked it safely into my desk!