More Earrings I am on a roll with these earrings! I can’t help myself. I made myself a couple of pairs, which I’ve been wearing all the time. I love how light they are, and so dainty! I still want to create more as gifts–I have a friend moving and I’m determined to make her a couple of pairs with sand from a couple of beaches in the area, but I am still working out how to do that in my head.
More Earrings Here is a comparison with a quarter so you can see how truly dainty they are! It makes them so lightweight and easy to wear.



DSC_0589I was in need of a simple pill holder for work: something for my desk drawer with easily identifiable compartments to hold various pills–for headaches, nausea, etc. I wanted it to be cheap, fast and easy. It’s not meant to be carried in my purse and doesn’t really need to take much of a beating, so a cheaper pill holder/compartment would work just fine–I didn’t need anything fancy from Walgreens or CVS. So I used some supplies already on hand (scrapbook paper and Glossy Accents) and a pill holder from The Dollar Tree.

DSC_0591I got lucky with the pill holder I picked out–there was a bit of a lip inside and made a great place to label each compartment. This way, the outside of the box was plastic and protected.

DSC_0590I started out by taking an index card and cutting a template to fit the inside of the lid of the pill holder. Once it snuggly fit, I tapped the lid until it fell out and used it as a template to cut my chosen scrapbook paper. (In this case, I used Gorjuss girl paper.) I cut out a piece of scrapbook paper for each compartment.

DSC_0593In keeping with the quick and simple theme, I used a ballpoint pen (I did a smear test with Glossy Accent) and just wrote the medication going in the compartment–nothing fancy! I labeled each compartment, but you could just decorate each lid with scrapbook paper, without the labels if you wanted.

DSC_0594After labeling each compartment, I made sure they were facing the right way. I put some Glossy Accents in the inside of the lid, laid the paper inside (being careful to avoid causing any air bubbles that would show once the lid was closed), then sealed the entire back in more Glossy Accents.

DSC_0597 Now remember, this pill case is from a Dollar Store so it’s not the highest quality OR the most stable. So I jerry-rigged it with some washi tape!

DSC_0601 Here’s a better view of how much tape I used to make sure it stayed while it dried. I own way too much washi tape–I wasn’t worried about wasting it. I was more worried about the tape coming undone in the middle of the night. I did this project right before bed so it could set during the night.

PillsHere’s how it came out! You can see how great the top looks because we did all our magic on the inside.

Pills Travel tip: Since this box is from the Dollar Tree, it’s not really equipped to travel in your book bag or overnight case. The lids easily pop open. Since I made the case for my desk at work, I just needed to get it safely from home to work without the pills popping out. I put a couple of strips of washi on them, which easily peeled off when I got work and tucked it safely into my desk!

Cake NecklaceA good friend who had moved away many years ago had her birthday this month. I made her one of my cards (Yes, I’m still stuck on the same Tim Holtz technique I learned back in August!) and an anchor necklace with some California sand in it.

Cake Necklace I love this birthday cake stamp, but I think I’m going to have to invest in another set or two if I am going to keep sending out birthday cards. Do people want to get the same birthday cake card, albeit with different colors, from me every single year? Probably not.

Cake NecklaceMy sister purchased these cute little glass anchor vials and let me play with a couple of them. I thought it was perfect to hold some California sand in it for my friend, who no longer lives in California. Just a little bit of home away from home!
Cake NecklaceHere is a photo of the anchor with a quarter for size reference–I love how delicate and small it is!


Last year I re-discovered the website, a great website for swapping. I also discovered swapping one of my new favorite things: ATC’s–artist trading cards. It’s like little pieces of art and even better, they’re easy to store. They fit in baseball sleeves so I have a great album set up for my collection, which I’ll have to share!

I love creating ATC’s because you get to share your art with others, and sometimes you get the challenge of creating art you wouldn’t have necessarily thought of. This is one of those challenges. The challenge for this swap was to make an ATC using only straight lines. I pulled out a ruler, some colored pens and make an ATC!

And man, what a challenge it was! I don’t consider myself “artistic,” despite the meaning of ATC, I consider myself crafty, so to make something from scratching like this with just pens and a blank piece of paper. It’s so intimidating! I do like what I ended up with, though, and I hope my partner likes it, too.


I purchased supplies to make what I knew were going to be wonderful earrings full of sand from a local beach. And when I say “full,” they could be filled easily with sand that falls in your shoe when you take a quick walk on the beach. They’re so dainty and light, I love them so! I’ve already been asked to make a pair for someone’s birthday and can’t wait to make some for gifts for a couple friends.

I love the meaning of carrying something local with you — it’s not just any sand, it’s from home.


I have already set up my Christmas Journaling for 2017.

Wait–what? In..February?

No…actually, in January. I’m only posting this in January. Yikes.

Really, though! If you’re the kind of crafter I am (read: a little bit lazy), then you do it when the mood strikes.

I love Project Life (and hoard a lot of Project Life supplies, from the sleeves to the cards to random scrapbook ephemera) and purchased a tube of nifty Recollections Christmas washi tape at Micheals before Christmas, intending to do a 25-Days of Christmas journaling project with it on Project Life cards. I have done something similar the last couple of years and really enjoyed it but in 2016 the season just got away from me and it just…did not happen.

I happened to be at Target killing some time before meeting a friend for dinner and found some Christmas countdown stickers for $1 that were 70% off (it was well after January 1st after all!) and picked a couple of them up. I brought them home, tucked them next to the washi tape…and stared at them for a few days, intending to pack them up for the Christmas.


But I was haunted by some thoughts. What if those stickers got crushed? They were rather thin, and I don’t normally pack my Christmas scrapbooking supplies away in the Christmas decorations. Would I remember what I wanted to do with them when I unpacked for the 2017 Christmas season? Would I even be able to find them? Then the thought started to niggle in the back of my mind…why don’t I just make the cards? I have the Project Life cards, I don’t need to buy anything else. Seriously, why not just make them?

After a week or so, that’s what I did. I often have decompression sessions where I sit on my bed after work and watch YouTube videos, except this time I busted out the stickers and washi tape. While I listened to a couple of interviews, something I would have done anyway, I made my count down cards and tucked them into the Project Life pockets.


They were simple–just wanted I wanted–with room at the top to stamp or write the date and plenty of lined room to write whatever I decided the upcoming year (one year, it was something I’d done to get ready for Christmas, whether it was shopping or wrapping gifts, and another year it was answer Christmas related writing prompts my sister had tucked into an advent calendar).

I liked the simplicity so much, I made two sets. If someone wants to join me in a Christmas Journaling project for 2017, we’ll be all ready for it–sometimes, just having everything prepared is half the battle. If not, then maybe I’ll be ready for Christmas 2018, too. Either way, both sets are tucked into of of my Project Life albums and are sitting on a shelf, safe from being crumpled or crushed. They might be done a bit early, but sometimes a quick, simple project is all you need to stop your fingers itching to craft and still your troubled mind.