Last week I shared some Thousand Dollar Jars to help with Baby Step one (or any other goals you might have!). I don’t want to discourage you–sometimes that goal is just too big to reach and you need to start smaller, or you want to teach your kids to save and need a more realistic goal for them to reach.

To help with that, here are Hundred Dollar Jars. Use them to build up your savings in small increments or teach your kids to reach savings goals!

Hundred Dollar Jar PersonalPersonal Size Hundred Dollar Jar

Hundred Dollar Jar A5A5 Hundred Dollar Jar

Hundred Dollar Jar FullFull Size Hundred Dollar Jar

My first download is available for you! In honor of starting Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step One, I’m making the Savings Jar planner pages I created available! Just click the link under the image to go directly to the PDF to save and print for your own personal use. Use it to track your savings and fill your “jar” and if you have to dip into it, use the second page to track refilling it.

I have it available in three sizes: A5 (also for use in mini binders, such as what Target sells at their Dollar Spot), personal size and Full Size (8-1/2 by 11″), just click the link below each photo below.

I have a lot more downloads to come, but I haven’t quite worked out how to release them. I used to sell on Etsy (I’m still in the process of transitioning out of that) and I’m going to release them all for download for free! I can’t wait to release them out into the world and share them with everyone, plus some new ideas I have, so I hope you’re excited to look out for those.

Thousand Dollar Jar PersonalThousand Dollar Jar – Personal Size

Thousand Dollar Jar A5Thousand Dollar Jar – A5

Thousand Dollar Jar FullThousand Dollar Jar – Full Size