Here’s something I thought was fun: I took those Savings Jar and turned them into Journaling Jars! So, in a break from sharing some finance downloads (don’t worry, they’ll be plenty more!), here are two Journaling Jars I created. At first, I totally “emptied” out the jar. I thought it would make a great page “fill” with ephemera, like postage stamps or magazine cut outs, or to draw a scene in. The second thing I did was create a jar with lines because I am a journaler by nature and who wouldn’t want to journal inside the jar?

Journaling Jar - Full
Empty Journaling Jar

Lined Journaling Jar - Full
Lined Journaling Jar



  1. I downloaded both of these but I don’t have a printer so it may be a while before I can use it.

    • I’m glad you intend on using them!! And I hope you have fun when you can print them. 🙂 Thanks for planning on using them!

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