A lot of our pages are categorized by planner size. All pages require hole punching if you want to put them in a planner or binder, so make sure you have a
Here’s a quick overview of the various sizes you might come across and how you might be able to use them:

You have to take a paper trimmer and trim the page to size
Our pages come with guidelines in each corner for you to line up the paper trimmer, but there is some legwork involved.

Half a sheet of 8-1/2 by 11″ paper, or half a standard printer paper size in the United States.
The easiest way to use these pages are to print them out and cut them in half using a paper trimmer at the 5.5″ mark lengthwise and to punch your own holes
These fit in: A5 planners, Mini Binders (often found in Target Dollar Spots), the Extra Wide FoxyDori (we are not affiliated with FoxyFix, we just own several because we love them so much) and can also be called Half Sheets because they are half a sheet of US standard paper

A4 is 8.3×11.7 inches, just a smidgen different than what the US is used to. It’s often found outside of North America and while I’ve never printed the planner pages I’ve created in this size myself, I do offer a few random pages in this size.

Full Size
8-1/2 by 11″ – This is the standard printer paper size in the United States.
Pages can be printed out and used as in, punched to be used in a standard 3-ring school binder, or even a standard 3 ring scrapbook binders!