DSC_0053I have been very busy at work, but sometimes I need a bit of journaling time to unwind.
That means I am doing it during my lunchtime when I sit in my car, so I made myself a cute little journaling kit for my car!
My sister bought me a darling little box for Christmas and I used it to hold my supplies and I keep it in my middle console.

DSC_0056There are three things I had to have in my kit:
* Tape (I threw in double sided sticky tape because some one gave it to me for free, so why not?)
* A pair of scissors
* My favorite mini tube of Elmer’s Glue (I figured if it’s going to be in the car, it better be liquid already! The heat would melt a solid glue stick, and it needs a screw on lid so it doesn’t leak)
* I carry a journal and pens in my purse so I don’t store those in my car


DSC_0054Here is my full kit I put in my car. Besides my basics, I threw in some extras:
* Some mini pens (just in case I can’t find one in my purse)
* Washi tape
* A couple of Project Life cards
* A little Rolodex card

Do you keep any journaling supplies anywhere unconventional?


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