DSC_0589I was in need of a simple pill holder for work: something for my desk drawer with easily identifiable compartments to hold various pills–for headaches, nausea, etc. I wanted it to be cheap, fast and easy. It’s not meant to be carried in my purse and doesn’t really need to take much of a beating, so a cheaper pill holder/compartment would work just fine–I didn’t need anything fancy from Walgreens or CVS. So I used some supplies already on hand (scrapbook paper and Glossy Accents) and a pill holder from The Dollar Tree.

DSC_0591I got lucky with the pill holder I picked out–there was a bit of a lip inside and made a great place to label each compartment. This way, the outside of the box was plastic and protected.

DSC_0590I started out by taking an index card and cutting a template to fit the inside of the lid of the pill holder. Once it snuggly fit, I tapped the lid until it fell out and used it as a template to cut my chosen scrapbook paper. (In this case, I used Gorjuss girl paper.) I cut out a piece of scrapbook paper for each compartment.

DSC_0593In keeping with the quick and simple theme, I used a ballpoint pen (I did a smear test with Glossy Accent) and just wrote the medication going in the compartment–nothing fancy! I labeled each compartment, but you could just decorate each lid with scrapbook paper, without the labels if you wanted.

DSC_0594After labeling each compartment, I made sure they were facing the right way. I put some Glossy Accents in the inside of the lid, laid the paper inside (being careful to avoid causing any air bubbles that would show once the lid was closed), then sealed the entire back in more Glossy Accents.

DSC_0597 Now remember, this pill case is from a Dollar Store so it’s not the highest quality OR the most stable. So I jerry-rigged it with some washi tape!

DSC_0601 Here’s a better view of how much tape I used to make sure it stayed while it dried. I own way too much washi tape–I wasn’t worried about wasting it. I was more worried about the tape coming undone in the middle of the night. I did this project right before bed so it could set during the night.

PillsHere’s how it came out! You can see how great the top looks because we did all our magic on the inside.

Pills Travel tip: Since this box is from the Dollar Tree, it’s not really equipped to travel in your book bag or overnight case. The lids easily pop open. Since I made the case for my desk at work, I just needed to get it safely from home to work without the pills popping out. I put a couple of strips of washi on them, which easily peeled off when I got work and tucked it safely into my desk!

Cake NecklaceA good friend who had moved away many years ago had her birthday this month. I made her one of my cards (Yes, I’m still stuck on the same Tim Holtz technique I learned back in August!) and an anchor necklace with some California sand in it.

Cake Necklace I love this birthday cake stamp, but I think I’m going to have to invest in another set or two if I am going to keep sending out birthday cards. Do people want to get the same birthday cake card, albeit with different colors, from me every single year? Probably not.

Cake NecklaceMy sister purchased these cute little glass anchor vials and let me play with a couple of them. I thought it was perfect to hold some California sand in it for my friend, who no longer lives in California. Just a little bit of home away from home!
Cake NecklaceHere is a photo of the anchor with a quarter for size reference–I love how delicate and small it is!

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Journal JarSometimes, you have a hard day. Sometimes, it’s a rough week. Other times, the whole year is a dumpster fire you’d like to forget. *cough*2016*cough*

But the thing is, even a dumpster fire will keep you warm on a cold night. Humans have a tendency to remember the worst while forgetting the best. And sometimes the best might be small, fleeting moments. Nevertheless, they are still there.

Journal JarThis jar can help you remember the good. It can also help you remember some of the bad, if that’s how you want to use it. The main thing is you make it what you want it to be!

The Journal Jar (as my mom and I now call it) is something that has developed over the last few years. We first saw it on Pinterest as The Grateful Jar (which is kind of a mouthful). The idea is to write something you are grateful for or something good that happens to you on a piece of paper, fold it up, and drop it into the jar. On New Year’s Day, you go back through and read the pieces of paper, reminiscing about all the good moments you’d forgotten about.

The next year, we called it The Happy Jar. Later this year, my mom had a light bulb idea: The Journal Jar. Yes, it’s awesome to write the good stuff down, especially when things are rough, but sometimes you want to note when not-so-good stuff happens, too. My amazing aunt passed away last year and sometimes things remind me of her. They may not be Happy things to note, and it might make me a bit melancholy or even a little sad, and maybe I’m not particularly even Grateful for the memory, but it still might be a moment I want to note so that I can look back on it because it’s still a memory tied to this wonderful person, and I want to write it down while I still remember it.

Journal JarAnd don’t put pressure on yourself! All over Pinterest you’ll see photos of mason jars, full up of pieces of folded paper. Our “jar” is a cardboard tube wrapped in pretty scrapbook paper with a  lid. You can’t see through it, you can’t stress about how many notes have or have not been written for the year. I look at it like this: If you write just two things a month that you drop into the jar, at the end of the year you’ll have twenty four memories to look back on. That’s great! That’s 24 moments or thoughts to remember the past year you might not otherwise have had.

And we don’t stop there! We scrapbook our memories so we can read them again. Wait, you say–now you want me to scrapbook them? Don’t run off just yet! You haven’t seen HOW I scrapbook them! We’re all about no-pressure with this project! Now that you have these bits of paper with moments of your life, you don’t want to lose them. So we take a couple sheets of 12×12 paper and glue or tape them down. That’s it. Nothing fancy. I told you it was simple! 20 years from now it won’t matter that you don’t have any fancy stickers or photos taped to it. Sometimes it’s just neat to see your thoughts or memories written down.

Here’s a quick step-by-step overview for your own jar:

1.What is the purpose of your jar? Ours changes each year, but for 2017 we decided on The Journal Jar (don’t feel pressured to actually name yours!). We’ve chosen The Grateful Jar and the Happy Jar in the past and written only happy or good things down. This year, we just want to record whatever happens–be it losing a friend, a bittersweet event, or a wonderful party we went to. We want everything to go in the jar this year! It’s your jar so you decide! Pinterest, blogs and the internet in general is a great place to get inspiration for your jar, just make sure you make the jar you, and something you will be happy with doing all year. Don’t try to please anyone else.

2. What container will you use? You can use a jar, an envelope, or stuff it in an old sock. Use whatever brings you joy!

3. What are you going to write on? I am a paper fantastic so part of the joy I get out of this project is using a variety of paper. I use what’s on hand, as well as changing out the paper in my set up throughout the year. I also put different colored pens so there’s a bit of fun for us and any visitors who want to participate, too!

3. What is the purpose of your jar? Ours changes each year, but for 2017 we decided on The Journal Jar (don’t feel pressured to actually name yours!). We’ve chosen The Grateful Jar and the Happy Jar in the past and written only happy or good things down. This year, we just want to record whatever happens–be it losing a friend, a bittersweet event, or a wonderful party we went to. We want everything to go in the jar this year!

4. Where are you going to put your jar? Make it easy for you to jot down a note and toss it in your container. We have a set up in the middle of our dining room table for ours, complete with paper, pens and Journal Jar, so everything is easy to access and quick to jot down. This allows people that come over to write something down and add to the jar, too, but you might want to tuck yours in a corner and keep it private.

5. Think a little bit ahead-how do you want to store your memories when the year is over? You don’t have to decide now, but if you want to keep them, you might want to think about what you want to do with them at the end of the year. It could affect how you set your jar up. Do you want to use Project Life cards or certain sizes of paper so you can scrapbook them? Do you want to keep an eye out for a special box while you’re shopping so you can store them on a shelf? We chose to do it simple to keep the pressure off ourselves since we’re not fancy scrapbookers, but we wanted to be able to go back through the years and re-read them. It also makes it easy to put them in a scrapbook binder and just keep adding the each year to the same binder since we decided to keep going with it!
Journal Jar