The Jar is Filled
I am thrilled–through a blessing of some back pay, I was able to quickly fulfill baby step one!

My $1,000 emergency fund is established and I can move on to start chippin’ away at my next credit card again. It will be so good to see that start falling without going back up–like I mentioned in a previous post, it has no new charges being put on it (despite Dave Ramsey’s rules, I’m still not comfortable having charges like Netflix auto deducted from my bank account, but that’s another issue for another day!)

Now, I do have plans to put a bit more money in my savings account. I know I have my car insurance payment coming up in a couple of months I pay every 6 months, which is difficult to pay in one lump sum out of one paycheck, and it would help to have a bit saved to help myself cover the cost of that.

I am just thrilled to have made some sort of progress before the first month of January 2017 is over! I felt like I was kicking butt in 2017 and then everything came to a standstill, so I’m excited to see it start moving again, even if it’s going to start moving very slowly.

Slow progress is still progress–that’s why I call it chippin’ and not shovelin’!


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