After discovering a couple flowers had blossomed to several, I waited for a sunny day for the flowers to open. (The flowers closed up when it was too overcast.)

I grabbed the nearest empty tin from my room and filled it with flowers–I hadn’t realized there were so many growing! I didn’t even pick them all. I didn’t pick the ones that were closed because I knew they wouldn’t work well for my plans…

This is my lovely tin that I used. I picked up for an amazing 50 cents at my favorite local thrift shop. It still has the filter pan thing inside! (I obviously don’t know what the official name for that is!)

I filled the tin with the pink and white flowers (and just a few tiny orange ones)!

I brought them into the house and (without taking any photos!) I smashed them!! No–seriously! I picked up a little Flower Press from Goodwill for around $1.29 a few weeks back. I thought I was going to be able to put some Hydrangea Blossoms in with this, but these white flowers filled the whole thing up! The flowers have been in there for over a week, and my general rule of thumb for pressing flowers and plants is to leave them for at least two, so after a week or so I’ll open it up and we’ll find out how they turned out!


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